Ajax reach an agreement with Abdelhak Nouri’s family

Dutch football club Ajax Amsterdam said on Monday they had paid 7.85 million euros in compensation to the family of former player Abdelhak Nouri, who suffered brain damage in July 2017 following a heart attack during a friendly match.

Former Ajax international goalkeeper Edwin Van der Sar said in a statement: “We are all aware that the suffering for Abdelhak and his relatives is far from over. The situation remains a very sad situation and we feel it here as well at Ajax.

Moroccan-born Nouri, now 24, suffered a heart attack on July 8, 2017, while playing for his club in a friendly against Germany’s Werder Bremen in Austria, after which he fell into a coma due to “serious and permanent brain damage”, according to the club, which terminated the player’s contract in March 2020.

Nouri has been in a coma for more than four years with his family taking care of him at home since the catastrophic incident. The player’s family appealed to the federal jury in June 2018, demanding compensation from the club to pay for his lifelong care.

Ajax soon agreed to take full responsibility for the player’s fate and apologized to the family, admitting that the medical treatment Nouri received after the incident was not enough.

After reaching a friendly agreement between the parties, Ajax will compensate the player’s family with a net amount of 7 million and 850 thousand euros, ending legal proceedings against him.

The club explained that since the summer of 2017, Ajax has also reimbursed the costs for the health care that Nouri receives, and will continue to do so.

“It is good that an agreement has been reached so that we can close the file,” said Van der Sar, while the player’s father Mohamed Nouri said in a statement that “Ajax’s participation and commitment have been very influential over all these years”.

“Ajax has been an integral part of our lives since Abdelhak was a boy. “We cherish the relationship with the people within the club and with the loyal fans.

Until his contract was terminated in March 2020, Ajax continued to pay the player for the duration of his absence.

Nouri grew up at Ajax and progressed through the age levels before moving to the first team in the summer of 2016. He made 15 appearances at the start of the 2016-2017 season and was considered a young talent at a club known for bringing up prominent players who later moved to major European clubs.

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