All indications are that Paulo Dybala will sign with Inter

There are a few reasons why the Italian press has been saying for months that Inter Milan is where Paulo Dybala will end up. These rumors started coming up before we knew that the Argentine striker would be leaving Juventus for free this summer.

Now, months after the talk began, it looks like the rumors are coming true.

All the news in Italy on Wednesday pointed to the same thing: Dybala is going to Inter. The two teams will meet for the first time in an official capacity on Thursday. Reports say that after the meeting, Inter made Dybala’s camp their first official contract offer. It was a four-year deal that would last until 2026 and pay Dybala around €5.5 million or €6 million a season plus bonuses. Gianluca Di Marzio of Sky Sport Italia says, “The demands from the player’s entourage are higher, but not by much.” These demands are said to be around €8 million per season.

Even though there are still details to work out and a salary to agree on, the meeting on Wednesday was said to have gone well, and Dybala still wants to sign with Inter, according to Fabrizio Romano on Wednesday.

Basically, this is the kind of thing that many of us have been hoping would happen for months.

Because of this, it wasn’t much of a surprise when the news came out on Wednesday that Dybala’s agent, Jorge Antun, and Inter’s management team had met for the first time in Milan.

Like, as one of my friends texted me, “I ain’t even mad.”

Because of the news about the meeting on Wednesday, Tuttosport’s front page on Thursday morning said, “DYBALA INTER IS FAT.” Even though there are still some details to work out, the Italian press is starting to say that the deal is basically done, even though there are still some details to work out. Sport Mediaset is basically saying that it’s “a countdown to the signing” for Inter and Dybala, who is on vacation in Miami right now after his summer national team duties ended.

So, even though there were rumors that Roma might go after Dybala or that old friends Fabio Paratici and Antonio Conte might try to get him to sign with Tottenham, Inter was always La Joya’s clear-cut top choice. This is the deal that another old friend of ours, Beppe Marotta, has been trying to close for months. Now that Juventus is completely out of the picture, there’s a very clear path to bring a player he brought to Turin to the San Siro.

It looks like Dybala will once again wear a jersey with stripes and call Italy home. For the first time in seven years, the stripes will be a different color.

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