Arsene Wenger plan to replace throw-ins set for trial as IFAB confirms rule change

Arsene Wenger’s idea to replace throw-ins with kick-ins as a way to increase playing time is set to be trialed following discussions by the International Football Association Board at their annual general meeting.

The former Arsenal manager, who is FIFA’s chief of global football development, has previously said that throw-ins and free-kicks are the biggest time wasters. Wenger is aiming “to make the game more spectacular and quicker” and has suggested players restart with their feet instead of a throw in a limit of five seconds.

The rules-making group IFAB, which is made up of FIFA, The FA, the Irish FA, the Scottish FA, and the FA of Wales, met in Doha, Qatar, on Monday morning for their annual meeting. FIFA president Gianni Infantino was in charge of the meeting, which was led by the FA of Wales.

After confirming that top-level games will always allow five substitutes, a change that was first made during the pandemic, they released a statement about future tests, which may include having referees explain some decisions in a way that is similar to rugby union.

“Other trials were also talked about,” IFAB said. “These included explaining certain referee decisions during a game, a possible fairer way to figure out playing time, and kick-ins.” “It was made clear at the AGM that these trials and any others need permission and will be watched over by The IFAB and FIFA.”

For games with five substitutes, IFAB has agreed to increase “the maximum number of named substitutes listed on the team sheet from 12 to 15 at the discretion of the competition organizer.” They have also agreed to extend the trial period for concussion substitutions.

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