Barcelona is $157 million over budget, according to the League.

Barcelona’s spending power has been trimmed once more, with the club heading into the next transfer window more than 144 million euros ($157 million) over its limit, according to the Spanish league.

After the league revised its data following the winter transfer window, Barcelona is the only team in Spain’s first and second divisions with a negative expenditure restriction. With a maximum of 739 million euros ($809 million), Real Madrid is at the top of the list.

Because of its financial difficulties, Barcelona’s cap has been steadily cut in recent seasons. Last year, it was worth 97 million euros ($106 million). This time, the sum was decreased even further because the club’s losses were roughly 240 million euros ($262 million) more than what the club had expected.

The Catalan club will be free to recruit new players if it so desires, but it will be subject to further financial constraints. The club’s ability to add players will be determined by how much money it can save and generate in general.

Each Spanish league team has its own wage ceiling, which is determined by a number of criteria such as revenues, costs, and debts. It accounts for around 70% of a club’s revenue.

Sevilla had the second-highest cap, at 200 million euros ($219 million), which was around 30 million euros ($32 million) more than Atlético Madrid’s. Apart from Barcelona, Levante had the smallest restriction in the first division, at 32 million euros ($35 million).

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