Chelsea achieves a precious win over Newcastle

Chelsea secured a valuable win over Newcastle with an unanswered goal to account in the 29th week of the English Premier League.

The only goal came with Kai Havertz’s signature just before the end of the original time to give Chelsea their fifth consecutive victory and raise their tally to 59 points.

Petr Cech not sure Chelsea can finish the season

Petr Cech

“We have to confess that we are going day by day because things are not in our control,” the former Blues goalkeeper stated on the sidelines of the match against third-placed Newcastle.

Chelsea is attempting to remove the restrictions imposed by the British authorities on Thursday, allowing him to continue his activities. The club is not allowed to sell new tickets or commercial items, and all revenue from broadcast rights and prizes from tournaments it competes in has been frozen as a result of the limitations. He’s also been barred from signing or renewing players’ contracts, as well as setting a limit on expenditure when the team travels for games away from home, prompting concerns about a financial drain.

“Discussions are ongoing so that we can work in a way that allows us to finish the season,” Cech, who wore the team’s colors from 2004 to 2015, said.

Thomas Tuchel, the German coach, also confessed that the club’s administration had given him “no promises.” “I don’t believe anyone who makes you assurances should be trusted,” he continued, “since no one knows what will happen.”

“You must be adaptable.”

Everything might change in an instant due to the craziness of the scenario.

Except for the club, which was permitted to continue “football-related operations,” all of Abramovich’s assets were blocked on Thursday.

The league initiated action against Abramovich on Saturday.

Abramovich previously stated that he would sell the team he purchased in 2003 and has since won 19 titles.

The government is still open to the sale, but it must approve a new license, provided that no profit goes to the Russian, who financed the club by about two billion dollars.

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