Chiellini, Italy’s captain, will retire from the national team

Giorgio Chiellini, Italy’s captain, wants to retire after the “Finalissima” match against Argentina on June 1 in London.

“If I’m in form, I’ll play and say the national team farewell at Wembley, where I attained the pinnacle of my Azzurro career, and probably of my whole career,” Chiellini said, alluding to Italy’s European Championship victory last summer.

Chiellini, 37, had expected to play for the national team until the World Cup at the end of this year, but he has changed his intentions after the Azzurri failed to qualify for the tournament in Qatar.

The champions of Europe and South America will compete in the Finalissima match at Wembley Stadium.

Chiellini, who has developed a formidable center-back partnership with Leonardo Bonucci over his career, is sixth all-time in Italy with 116 games.

Chiellini, a tough defender, was bitten by Uruguay attacker Luis Suárez during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

Chiellini’s contract with Juventus ends at the conclusion of the season, but he has refused to commit to staying in Turin, fueling suspicion that he wants to finish his club career in the United States.

“From now until the conclusion of the season, I have to examine everything and speak to my family about what is best,” Chiellini said after Juventus’ Serie A victory over Sassuolo late Monday. “First, let us finish fourth and win the Italian Cup, and then we’ll get down with my two families — at home and at Juventus — to work out what’s best for everyone.”

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