Chile snatches key points from Bolivia

Chile made a 3-2 comeback from hosts Bolivia at dawn on Wednesday in the 16th round of South America’s qualifier World Cup qualifier Qatar 2022.

The Star Alexis Sanchez scored a double (14)+(85), Marcelino Nunez (77), while Bolivia’s first goal was signed by Marc Enoumba (37), and the second added Marcelo Moreno (88).

Chile finished 19th in sixth place, while Bolivia was 15th in eighth place.

Brazil go unbeaten and Coutinho scores an impressive goal

Leeds United player Raphinha (28), Aston Villa player Coutinho (62), Ajax Amsterdam player Antony (68), and Real Madrid striker Rodrygo (88).

Brazil consolidated their lead with 39 points while Paraguay remained 13 points behind in the last position.

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