Christian Eriksen: Where will he play in the upcoming season?

This summer, Christian Eriksen is in high demand among Premier League teams. The Denmark international has at least three serious clubs interested in signing him.

Eriksen’s contract is up after Brentford got back to the English Premier League last year. The 30-year-old made an amazing comeback after having a cardiac arrest on the field at the Euros last summer. Since then, he has shown with both his club and his country that he can still play high-level football.

So, it’s not surprising that several clubs are trying to sign Eriksen before the 2022–23 season. In this group are Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester United, and Brentford, as well as a few other teams that haven’t been linked to Eriksen as seriously as those three.

Eriksen with Brentford

But what does Eriksen do best? He used to play for the Spurs for a long time, so there are probably more than one reason for his decision. Here are three that will probably have the most impact on his final decision:

Winning trophies

Only two of the three main suitors can realistically hope to compete for trophies in the near future, and only one can be sure to play in the Champions League next season.

Last season, Tottenham famously passed rivals Arsenal to finish fourth in the Premier League. This gave them England’s last spot in the most prestigious club competition on Earth. Spurs are now ready to compete, and Eriksen’s experience could help them get further in the Champions League and other tournaments.

Manchester United will play in the Europa League, but Eriksen, at his level and age, will want to play in the best tournaments.


Normally, this would be good for Brentford, since Eriksen just finished a six-month season with the Bees. However, Eriksen spent most of the 2010s with Tottenham, so this may not be the case. Since Spurs is also in London, Eriksen wouldn’t have to move his family for the second time in a year.

Stability also has to do with the way a club is run and how stable it is, which hurts Manchester United. The Red Devils could pay Eriksen more than anyone else, which would be a stable wage, but the club is still in a lot of trouble on and off the field, so that isn’t likely to happen any time soon.

World Cup preparations

Denmark is going to Qatar in 2022, and Eriksen is a very important part of that team. He’ll want to play as much as possible so that he can go into the World Cup in November fully fit and ready to go. Having a lot of games under his belt will help him do this, which is good for Brentford.

The Bees are the smallest of the serious clubs that want Eriksen, so they can give him more playing time than the bigger clubs. But Eriksen might think that competing for playing time with and training with better players could help him keep his level up for the World Cup, and he’ll only be able to do that at United or Spurs.

Christian Eriksen with Spurs

Best fit: Tottenham

Eriksen would probably do best if he went back to Spurs, given his current situation.

Still, Eriksen might be interested in the project Erik ten Hag is working on at Old Trafford and see it as a new challenge. Helping put back together what is probably England’s biggest club could be an interesting job, and a big paycheck could help him decide.

Brentford seems to be in clear third place for Eriksen’s services, and it would take a lot to get him to come back.

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