Covid seriously affecting players’ health

  1. Lionel Messi revealed that his recovery from Corona takes longer than he thought.

The Paris Saint-Germain star explained to his followers on his Instagram account that he will be back on the pitch very soon even though he has not fully regained his fitness. The Argentine player was on holiday with his family in Argentina over Christmas when he tested positive for the virus.

2. Bayern Munich have announced the absence of Canadian left-back Alfonso Davies for a while due to heart health problems.

The Bavarian club published on its official website an official statement confirming Davies’ absence from the pitch due to heart problems caused by coronavirus, adding that they carried out follow-up tests and discovered signs of mild inflammation of the heart muscles.

3. The Gabonese Football Federation announced on its official Twitter page that Aubameyang has been removed from the squad facing Ghana to avoid risking health complications.

“Aubameyang, Meye and Lemina cannot participate against Ghana despite their recovery from the Coronavirus,” the Gabonese federation said in a tweet, stressing that the decision was up to the African Football Confederation’s medical committee.The Gabonese federation revealed that the three players had heart problems according to the tests carried out and therefore preferred not to take the risk.

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