FIFA decides to rematch Brazil and Argentina in Qatar qualifiers

FIFA has decided to rematch Brazil and Argentina in the World Cup qualifier Qatar 2022.

FIFA pointed out that the date and venue of the match (which was suspended after kick-off due to issues concerning Corona protocols) will be determined later.

FIFA also explained that it has fined both the Brazilian and Argentine federations.

It was only five minutes before the start of the meeting in September that representatives from the Brazilian health authorities broke into the stadium, which led to a huge controversy, after which the Argentine players entered the dressing room and did not return to the field, which led to the final suspension of the game.

The aim of the entry by the health authorities was to demand the withdrawal of three players from the Argentina squad due to their alleged presence in England in the last 14 days before their arrival in Brazil, and therefore they must be quarantined.

The situation of four Argentine players in England was overshadowed by uncertainty after Brazilian health authorities recommended they be quarantined just hours before the start of the match.

After several consultations between the various parties and the stay of the Argentine team in the dressing rooms for about 3 hours, the members of the latter left the stadium after about an hour.

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