Gareth Bale is reportedly split between a move to Cardiff or to the United States

Gareth Bale, the best player in Wales, seems torn between going to Cardiff City or to the United States.

WalesOnline has heard that Bale has a contract with the Bluebirds, but he hasn’t signed it yet. This is because he and the Welsh captain and his representatives have been talking about it for a long time. Here, you can get live updates.

In the meantime, Bale’s agent Jonathan Barnett has confirmed that talks are going on “with lots of other clubs.” Two of them are thought to be Major League Soccer teams in the United States. They would be able to pay Bale a much bigger salary than Cardiff could.

The Bluebirds want Bale to come back home for personal reasons and help Cardiff get into the Premier League. This would be a great way to add to the great history of Welsh football. He is still very interested in this option. Bale, who is 33, talked with Cardiff manager Steve Morison on Wednesday about what he should do next. Here you can find out more about that.

Jonathan Barnett, Bale’s agent, told us on Thursday morning that he didn’t have any new information but that a decision “will be made in the next few days.”

Cardiff will worry that the longer this goes on, the more likely it is that Bale will decide to go to the United States.

Two American clubs have also made offers to the Welsh captain, who is a very important player, and they are also waiting for him to decide. Cardiff is still hoping to sign the five-time Champions League winner. If they do, it could lead to more big names coming to the club this summer, and the Bluebirds should be able to compete for promotion.

But Bale has a lot to think about, like how he and Wales can best prepare for their World Cup dream in Qatar, where they will play England, the United States, and Iran in the group stages.

The training center for Welsh medics is on the outskirts of Cardiff, near the Welsh capital, which could be a draw. In the next few days, Bale will leave Wales for a vacation in Asia. He plans to tell Cardiff and the American clubs about his plans before then.

Bale has also been talked about by Newcastle United, Nottingham Forest, and his old team, Tottenham. There is also interest from Germany. The latest odds from bookmakers seem to show that Bale is in a tough spot. He is 5-4 to join the Bluebirds and 11-8 to join any MLS team. The bookies think that Cardiff and America will both win.

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