Hoeneß: Barca shouldn’t waste their time for Lewandowski

Uli Hoeneß, the honorary president of Bayern Munich, said that Barcelona shouldn’t bother making another offer for Robert Lewandowski, who has scored the most goals for Bayern Munich.

“I have no idea what a new offer is. But based on what I’ve heard about how things are going in Munich, Barcelona shouldn’t bother making another offer “He said this on Wednesday in the German city of Aachen, near where the Neuland congress was being held.

“I don’t decide what to do. But Bayern was clear in what he said. They say that Robert should work in Munich to fulfill his contract. I can’t think of any amount of money that would convince them to change their minds “Hoeneß added.

Several news sources say that Barcelona’s offer for Lewandowski went up to €40 million ($41.8 million) plus €5 million in bonuses.

Lewandowski’s contract runs until June 30, 2023, but the striker has said more than once that he wants to leave the Bavarian club before the end of the year. But so far, club officials have said that a transfer will not happen.

When asked, Hoeneß didn’t want to say anything about the player’s actions, which could have been an attempt to force an exit.

“Bayern hasn’t said anything about this, and I won’t either,” he said, adding that he “cannot imagine” that Lewandowski would try to move.

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