In Russia, FIFA has opened a unique transfer window for foreign players.

FIFA said on Monday that it will set a temporary transfer window for international players stuck in Russia as a result of the invasion of Ukraine.

“In order to facilitate the departure of foreign players and coaches from Russia, if clubs affiliated to the Football Union of Russia (FUR) do not reach a mutual agreement with their respective foreign players and coaches before or on 10 March 2022… foreign players and coaches will have the right to unilaterally suspend their employment contracts with the FUR-affiliated clubs in question until the end of the season in Russia (30 June 2022),” FIFA says.

“A contract suspension… means that players and coaches will be regarded ‘out of contract’ until June 30, 2022, and will be free to sign a contract with another club without incurring any ramifications.”

FIFA’s action is simply a band-aid solution, according to the players’ organization (FIFPRO), which is requesting that players be permitted to quit their contracts.

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