In the 2023-24 season, Barcelona will play away from the Camp Nou for renovation work

On Thursday, Barcelona announced that it would play home games away from Camp Nou for the 2023-24 season while the stadium is being refurbished.

Camp Nou’s capacity will be decreased by “roughly 50 percent” when Barcelona returns for the 2024-25 season after playing at the Olympic Stadium in Montjuic.

Camp Nou renovations will begin in June and take four years to finish.

In December, Barcelona residents voted in favor of a 1.5 billion-euro renovation of Camp Nou and its surrounding surroundings.

An additional 10,000 seats will be added and a retractable roof covered in solar panels will be installed, as well as other commercial amenities including an ice rink and an office building.

By postponing the removal of Camp Nou’s third deck, Barca president Joan Laporta claims that the stadium will be “nearly full” next season.

For Laporta, any sooner would have meant going into the next season with just 50% of the building’s original capability.

In order to minimize risks and safeguard next season’s revenue, we plan to keep Montjuic’s capacity almost full next season and then begin demolishing the third deck.

Barcelona’s nearby rivals Espanyol played their home games at the Olympic Stadium, which seats 60,713 people, from 1997 until 2009.

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