Liverpool and Jurgen Klopp make history after yesterday’s win

Jurgen Klopp’s prolific scoring Reds are Liverpool’s most productive side in the club’s 129-year history.

Liverpool’s 3-2 victory against Villarreal on Tuesday night brought their season total to 139 goals in all competitions.

That works out to an average of 2.44 goals per game.

Liverpool advanced to the Champions League final for the third time in five years after defeating Villarreal.

Liverpool vs Villarreal

Liverpool will finish the season having played 63 games, having also reached the finals of the EFL Cup and FA Cup this year.

Liverpool won the EFL Cup final in February, keeping them on track for a possible quadruple.

Whether or not they achieve that remarkable achievement, Liverpool have already created history by being the first English team to reach the finals of the EFL Cup, FA Cup, and European Cup in the same season.

Klopp’s presence in the Champions League final on May 28 will tie him with Marcello Lippi, Sir Alex Ferguson, and Carlo Ancelotti.

These three managers have each presided over four Champions League finals.

So far, Klopp has made three appearances. In 2013, he was the manager of Borussia Dortmund, who lost 2-1 to Bayern Munich at Wembley Stadium. Five years later, Klopp was in charge of Liverpool when they were defeated 3-1 in Kyiv by Real Madrid.

However, Klopp’s losing streak in the Champions League finals came to an end in 2019 as Liverpool defeated Tottenham 2-0 in Madrid.

Liverpool won the Carabao Cup in February, will face Chelsea in the FA Cup final on Saturday, May 14th, and will compete in the Champions League final in Paris on Saturday, May 28th, after defeating Villarreal 5-2 on aggregate.

During his post-match news conference (via, Klopp was emphatic that nothing had been accomplished other than the Carabao Cup triumph, despite the fact that two finals remained to be played.

“What can I say now? There’s only one chance to win a final and that is to qualify for a final. That’s what we did so far, we played each game available. We went through all competitions until the last game, three of these competitions are not finished yet. 

“I know all the stories around and stuff like this and supporters from other clubs, first half today a lot of people might have been happy that we got a knock, but it’s really difficult to reach three finals – that’s probably the reason why nobody did it so far.” 

Jurgen Klopp

Klopp has told Liverpool supporters that his players would give it their all in the FA Cup and Champions League finals, but he is well aware that they will face strong opponents in both.

“But we play incredibly strong teams in these finals so we will see. We will give it a go, definitely, but that it’s difficult I could have told you without knowing that nobody did it so far because it is really tough.”

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