Louis van Gaal provides bright news after cancer treatment

After having treatment for prostate cancer, Netherlands manager Louis van Gaal has offered a favorable report.

The terrible revelation that the 70-year-old Dutchman has been facing the disease lately devastated the footballing world.

However, Van Gaal acknowledged on Tuesday that the thorough therapy he has had has resulted in good results.

In an interview with the Dutch news agency ANP on his health, the former Manchester United manager said, “I’ve been through everything.” I underwent a total of 25 radiation sessions. Then I had to wait five or six months to see whether it was effective. “Yes, it did.”

Van Gaal stated earlier this month in a news conference that he has been battling the condition for some time.

The revelation apparently caught his teammates off guard, with Netherlands captain Virgil van Dijk confessing he had no previous awareness of Van Gaal’s illness.

“I was…in astonishment last night when I heard his interview,” the Liverpool defender remarked. He’s releasing his film next week, so I was just wondering how he’d advertise it and talk about his life, and then it came as a great surprise.

“After the interview, I messaged him. It certainly reveals a lot about him. I also told him that he’s probably not the sort of man who requires a lot of compassion; that’s just who he is.

“But I also assured him that we would surely be there for him as a group whenever he needs it, and hopefully we can make it a World Cup he will never forget.”

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