Mexico fan violence: At least 22 people were hurt and matches were canceled following a brawl at a top-tier match.

At least 22 people were hurt when supporters fought during a Mexican top-flight match; the game between Queretaro and Atlas was abandoned in the second half when violence broke out at La Corregidora stadium; all of Sunday’s games were canceled; Mexican football officials, as well as both clubs, have promised thorough investigations.

So yet, no deaths have been reported; 22 persons have been hurt, nine of whom have been brought to the General Hospital, two of whom are critically injured, according to the Queretaro state civil protection office. The rest are in good shape. All of those injured are men, and it has been verified that four of them are from the state of Jalisco. Jalisco’s capital is Guadalajara.

In a tweet sent on its official Twitter account, the league condemned the violence. The game will not be continued on Saturday, according to League President Mikel Arriola. He promised to penalize individuals guilty for the stadium’s lack of protection.

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