Oliver Kahn gives Robert Lewandowski a harsh response

Robert Lewandowski, Bayern Munich star player, finally said what many people had been thinking about his future with the club: There isn’t much of one.

“As of today, my story at Bayern is over,” Lewandowski said, which was a bad sign for anyone who thought the Polish player would stay at the club for next season. After what’s happened in the last few months, I don’t think I’ll be able to stay at the club any longer. I hope they don’t keep me here just because they can.”

Robert Lewandowski

In response, Bayern Munich CEO Oliver Kahn told his star player something that might not go over well with a man who recently said he didn’t feel appreciated by the club.

“I don’t know why Robert decided to go this way. When you say things like that in public, you don’t get anywhere. Robert won the world’s best footballer award here twice in a row. I think he should know what he has at Bayern,” Kahn told Sport1. “Appreciation doesn’t just go one way.”

Anyway, Lewandowski’s relationship with the club is now officially frozen. This should give FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, and maybe even Chelsea FC hope that they can get the 33-year-old player this summer.

Bayern Munich will have to decide what to do with Lewandowski: sell him now or keep him and risk a season full of problems off the field.

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