Pogba wants to “feel loved” at his next club

Paul Pogba wants to “feel loved” and “appreciated” at his next club, he said after it was announced that Manchester United would let him leave for free this summer.

Pogba moved back to United from Juventus in 2012, but his time at Old Trafford has been hard because he hasn’t lived up to expectations and has been criticized a lot because of that.

The Frenchman is expected to go back to Juventus this summer. Pogba didn’t confirm the move, but he did talk about how important it was to enjoy his next club and feel appreciated, which he said wasn’t the case at United.

Pogba told UNINTERRUPTED, “All I want is the best for myself. I’m thinking, putting everything together, taking my time, and just looking for the best. I want to play football, always be myself, and enjoy what I do.

Paul Pogba with Juventus

“I have to like what I do or I won’t be able to do it well. I don’t want to have bad thoughts. We can lose games and trophies, but you still have to be happy and have fun. That’s what I want.”

Pogba was then asked what he wanted from his next club. He said again that his main goals are to enjoy playing football again and to feel loved on the field.

Pogba added, “Everyone wants to feel loved, and everyone needs that in their soul to feel appreciated. Even when you’re an adult, you still want to hear “well done” or “nice” when you do something good. It’s always been that way. It’s always nice to know that the work you do is valued, that you’re doing well, and that people like you.

“I think the people around you make a big difference because they can either cheer you up or bring you down, and you need them to cheer you up. Sometimes you just don’t feel like yourself. If someone says, “It’s okay, it’s okay,” or even if someone on the bench tells you, “It’s okay,” it can give you a boost, and it’s important to feel that from your teammates because you can also bring it up.

“I like to talk to people and lead, but sometimes even a leader needs his teammates to cheer him on and lift him up. Being a leader means helping your teammates reach their fullest potential. We can fight, but it has to be for the good of the player and the team. He raises the level, brings positive energy, and people trust him.

“A leader doesn’t need to score. A leader can be on the field, doing his job right, pushing each other, sometimes you’re tired and you hear someone say, “Come on, come back.” All this stuff, he goes, he tackles, at the end we all win together. We need someone to push and bring you up when you’re just down. You miss a chance in front of the goal, you’re down and someone taps your shoulder and says, “You’re going to

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