Querétaro FC has been sanctioned, including a one-year stadium ban

Querétaro FC and Atlas FC have been sanctioned by the Mexican Football Federation’s (FMF) Disciplinary Commission and Liga MX officials as a result of Saturday night’s fan violence at Querétaro’s Estadio La Corregidora, which left 26 people wounded.

Querétaro FC was fined a one-year stadium ban on Tuesday after forfeiting Saturday’s match 3-0. The team will be forced to play all of its home games behind closed doors without supporters until March 23, 2023. Querétaro’s minor levels and the Liga MX Femenil team are likewise affected by the stadium restriction. Querétero’s “fan groups,” as Liga MX president Mikel Arriola refers to them, have been barred from attending home games for three years and will not be permitted to attend away games.

Querétaro was also fined 1.5 million Mexican pesos or little more than $70,000 USD. A five-year suspension from Mexican football was also imposed on the club’s ownership group. Querétaro must be sold to new owners before the end of the calendar year, according to Arriola.

Meanwhile, Atlas’ supporter groups will be unable to attend away matches for the defending Liga MX winners for the next six months.

The fines were set after a meeting between Liga MX owners and league officials, as well as the end of the federation’s inquiry, according to FMF president Yon De Luisa and Arriola.

“What happened last weekend not only endangered many lives, but it also tarnished the name of the state of Querétaro, its people, and the club, as well as Liga MX and Mexican football in general,” De Luisa added.

State authorities in central Mexico suspended five officials on Monday, according to Guadalupe Murgua, the state’s interior secretary. Police and civil defense staff, as well as three persons in charge of planning and preparations, are among the authorities who have been suspended.

Those convicted guilty of violence during Saturday’s events will be barred from accessing stadiums in Mexico for the rest of their lives.

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