Rangnik talks about his coaching approach and United’s goals this season

Manchester United boss Ralf Rangnick confirmed that the team’s players have grasped his coaching ideas, admitting that finishing fourth in the league table is the best United can achieve this season.

“I don’t know what it means to talk about the psychological aspect of the club, we scored the first goal in eleven out of thirteen games since I arrived, and we were ahead with a goal even if we didn’t win all the games, especially in the last three games,” Rangnik said.

“Yes, it’s sad that we didn’t win those games where it cost us four points in the league and the next round in the cup, I think obviously they are starting to feel and understand the coaching mindset and that’s why we have improved.

“I think the fourth place is the highest accomplishment we can achieve. There are no other things. Yes, in the Champions League, I hope we can go to the next stage and that’s not easy. “But in the league right now, fourth place is our ambition, that’s what we have to achieve and what we aim for.

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