Roman Abramovich and Ukraine negotiators ‘victims of attempted poisoning’

According to rumors, Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich and Ukrainian peace negotiators were poisoned earlier this month.

According to the Wall Street Journal and the investigative website Bellingcat, the sanctioned Russian billionaire and at least two top members of the Ukrainian team were impacted during a meeting in Kyiv.

Red eyes, continuous and painful weeping, and peeling skin on their cheeks and hands were among their symptoms, according to the WSJ article. Their circumstances have subsequently improved, and their lives are no longer in jeopardy.

The symptoms, according to Bellingcat, were consistent with chemical weapons contamination. According to the report, the trio experienced side effects after attending discussions on March 3 in the afternoon.

Rustem Umerov, a Crimean Tatar legislator, is alleged to have been among the Ukrainian negotiators. He’s since tweeted that he’s alright “”Please do not trust any unconfirmed information,” she said. We’re also in the midst of an information war.”

The Kremlin has recognized that Abramovich played an early role in Russia-Ukraine peace talks, but that the two sides have subsequently assumed control of the talks.

Because of his experience in Russia, where he built his money during the turbulent period of post-Communist privatizations in the 1990s, Abramovich was invited to mediate by Ukraine.

He was photographed at an airport in Israel on March 14 while on his way between Russia and Ukraine to assist broker negotiations between governments to stop the war.

It’s unclear who was behind the alleged attempted poisoning, but one idea suggests that it was the work of hardliners who wanted the discussions to fail and wanted to send a message.

The billionaire and owner of Chelsea Football Club is a strong supporter of Russian President Vladimir Putin and has already been sanctioned by the EU and the UK following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Roman Abramovich’s spokesperson has said he was not sure who had targeted the group, it is unclear exactly what kind of poisoning was involved and who might be responsible.

Bellingcat, the open-source intelligence group, said the adverse effects the negotiators suffered were “most likely the result of international poisoning with an undefined chemical weapon” – possibly contained in chocolate or water.

It added that the objective most likely was intended to scare the victims as opposed to cause permanent damage.

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