Russia’s national and club teams’ ban to continue into next season

Russia will be barred from playing in international football for the foreseeable future after UEFA extended its ban on national and club teams competing in continental competition into the next season and rejected proposals to host either Euro 2028 or Euro 2032.

Russia and its clubs have been suspended by both the European governing body and its worldwide equivalent FIFA since the invasion of Ukraine in February.

Due to Russia’s exclusion from the Champions League, the defending Premiership champions in Scotland will qualify directly for the group stages regardless of who wins this year’s tournament – a scenario that appeared likely as only Villarreal, who were 2-0 down to Liverpool going into the semi-final second leg, could prevent it.

Meanwhile, the United Kingdom and Ireland have had one of their two competitors for hosting Euro 2028 eliminated, even though the Russian proposal was not considered seriously.

According to UEFA’s declaration on Monday, Russia’s men’s squad will not participate in the Nations League, which starts in June, and will be immediately relegated from League B.

The women’s squad will also be forbidden from competing in Euro 2022 in England and will be replaced by Portugal, whom Russia defeated in the qualification play-offs. Portugal will be placed in Group C, along with Holland, Sweden, and Switzerland.

Russia will also be forbidden from playing any future qualifying matches for either the Women’s World Cup in 2023 or the European Under-21 Championships in 2023, with their previous results declared null and invalid. Russia had already been eliminated from the World Cup qualification play-offs for this year.

Next season, no Russian clubs will be able to compete in European competitions, including the Champions League, Europa League, Europa Conference League, Women’s Champions League, and UEFA Youth League.

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