Serie A adds a tiebreaker for the Scudetto

The way the Scudetto is given out is going to change. Starting with the 2022/23 season, if two teams have the same number of points at the end of the season, they will have to play a one-game playoff to see who wins the Scudetto and the title. If two teams have the same number of points after 38 games, they will play for 90 minutes and then go to penalty kicks if they can’t decide who won. If there was a tie between three teams, a separate table would be used to figure out which two teams would play in the playoff final. This means that the three teams’ point totals against each other would be used to figure out which two teams were the best. This is a big change that could lead to a Serie A final for the title, but it’s important to remember that this has happened before. In 1964, Inter Milan and Bologna played a playoff Scudetto final, which Bologna won against Helenio Herrera’s team.

Up until now, Serie A used the teams’ head-to-head records and the number of goals scored by each team to decide the winner. AC Milan beat Inter Milan by two points to win the 2021/22 season. It was one of the most exciting seasons in recent Italian soccer history. But for weeks, it looked like there might be a tie in points at the end of the season. This new rule may have come from the idea of this possible outcome, with the hope of making title races closer in the future, since they were so exciting last season. At the same time, other leagues followed the IFAB’s suggestion from last month and made the five-substitution rule permanent. Serie A did the same.

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