Ten people were arrested in connection with the riot that occurred during a soccer match in Mexico

Authorities in Mexico said they have made ten arrests and hope to make more as they investigate a weekend soccer incident in which more than two dozen spectators were hurt, three of whom were badly injured.

Guadalupe Murguia, the interior secretary of Queretaro state, reported that twenty-six people were involved in the incident. Based on the analysis of recordings and other evidence, raids and searches for others have proceeded.

In addition, after security personnel were unable to maintain control, the state suspended five officials, including police officers, civil defense workers, and numerous people in charge of planning and preparations. A private security company’s contract was canceled.

During the 62nd minute of the match between host Queretaro and Atlas, the defending Liga MX champion from Guadalajara, supporters began fighting in the Corregidora stadium bleachers. Security personnel opened gates to the field to allow fans to flee to safety, only for fights to quickly spread to the field.

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