The United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland are set to host Euro 2028

After no other countries applied to host the event, the four UK nations and the Republic of Ireland are expected to be announced as hosts in a fortnight.

The deadline for entries is Wednesday, but the UK-Ireland proposal will be the only one on the table unless a late surprise entry is received. As a result, the process of certifying the hosts can be accelerated, with a meeting of Uefa’s executive committee on 7 April affording the chance to ratify the choice.

Potential competitors have faded away when the five countries reaffirmed their intentions, which was backed up by the event organizers, Uefa. Instead, Italy is set to compete for Euro 2032, and a prospective Russian candidacy has been ruled out due to the invasion of Ukraine.

The competition gives Uefa the closest thing to a guarantee of sold-out venues and the possibility to recuperate money lost due to the epidemic, with the final to be staged at Wembley and additional matches to be held in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, and elsewhere in England.

Uefa will make a decision on the number of nations playing in 2028 before the end of the year, with an increase from 24 to 32 countries regarded likely.

After abandoning aspirations to host the World Cup in 2030, the five nations prioritized a bid for Euro 2028. Although the UK government showed a strong desire to host the World Cup, an English FA feasibility analysis discovered “several areas of ambiguity” with the idea.

The bid has not been harmed by the chaos that rocked the Euro 2020 final at Wembley in July. Because Uefa only allows a maximum of two countries to host the event, the five nations would not automatically qualify for the tournament. However, according to the Guardian, the five nations all believe that they should be entitled to compete in the finals.

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