UEFA claim that an independent report will be done on the riot in the Champions League final

The EFA has said that it has hired an outside group to look into the chaos that happened at the Champions League final on Saturday.

Real Madrid beat Liverpool 1-0 in the final, which was held in Paris. The game was delayed by more than 30 minutes, leaving ticket holders outside in huge crowds.

During the terrible events of the night, French police used tear gas and pepper spray.

From the UEFA statement: “UEFA said today that it has asked an outside group to look into what happened at the UEFA Champions League final in Paris on May 28. The thorough review will look at how all entities involved in the final make decisions, take responsibility and act.

Liverpool fans during the Champions League final

“The report will be put together by itself, and Dr. Tiago Brando Rodrigues from Portugal will be in charge of making this review.

“Dr. Tiago Brando Rodrigues was born in Braga, Portugal, in 1977. He is a member of the Portuguese Parliament and the President of the Parliamentary Committee of Environment and Energy. Between 2015 and 2022, he was the Portuguese Minister of Education. He was also in charge of Sports and Youth. From 2019 to 2021, he was a member of the World Anti-doping Agency Foundation Board, and during the 2012 Olympics in London, he was the Portuguese Olympic attaché.

“Dr. Brando Rodrigues agreed to do this job for free so that he could keep his independence in the process.

“Evidence will be collected from all relevant parties, and the results of the independent report will be made public once it’s done. Once the results are in, UEFA will decide what to do next.”

The French sports minister said that the chaos was caused by Liverpool fans. UEFA did the same thing in the days leading up to the final by saying that the match was delayed because “fans were late getting to the stadium,” even though this was clearly not the case.

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