Ukrainian footballers affected by the war are allowed to switch teams

Following a FIFA rule change, Ukrainian footballers are now permitted to switch teams outside of transfer windows.

During the Russian invasion of Ukraine, football has mostly united in favor of the country, with the Ukrainian Premier League stopped and several sports stars joining the fight for their motherland.

In a revision to the Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players, FIFA declared on Wednesday that players who were unable to play due to the conflict will be eligible to shift clubs (RSTP).

“Ukrainian players may be permitted to register with another club even if the registration time for the club with which they desire to join has expired in the association of the club with which they intend to register,” FIFA stated in a statement.

“FIFA will continue to keep a close eye on the situation in Ukraine to ensure that the regulatory framework is updated to reflect any changes.”

“It also condemns Russia’s continued use of force in Ukraine and demands for an immediate end of hostilities and a return to peace.”

Under this alteration, teams will be able to register a maximum of two professional players, according to the announcement.

FIFA said earlier this month that a temporary transfer window will be opened for international players trapped in Russia. FIFPRO, the players’ union, slammed the action as a “timid” temporary remedy.

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