Valencia hires Gattuso as manager, even though he is undesired

The former star player for AC Milan has signed a two-year deal with Valencia. He was a coach at Napoli from 2020 to 2021.

Gennaro Gattuso, a great player for AC Milan, has been hired as Valencia’s next manager, despite strong opposition from the team’s fans.

Gattuso, who is 44 years old, is the new manager of the Spanish team. He has recently been in charge of AC Milan and Napoli. Last season, after being linked to Tottenham, he became the manager of Fiorentina, but he left the club in less than a month.

Gennaro Gattuso

But his history of making controversial comments has made Valencia fans angry enough to start a movement called #NoToGattuso. In 2008, after saying that same-sex marriage was “strange,” he said, “Marriage is between a man and a woman.” Gattuso got a lot of flak in 2013 after AC Milan named Barbara Berlusconi as one of its CEOs and he said, “I can’t see women in soccer.”

Gattuso told the Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera yesterday, “I am very different from how I have been talked about for the past year.” “They took comments from different years out of context in order to make someone’s life more difficult.

“…I just want to be left alone to do the job I love and be judged on that alone. In line with who I really am.”

In recent history, Valencia was at its best in the early 2000s, when Rafa Benitez led the team to two La Liga titles and a UEFA Cup (now the Europa League). It also came in second place in the Champions League in 1999–2000 and 2000–01.

But in the last ten years, the club has only won one trophy: the Copa del Rey in 2018–19. This season, it lost the Copa del Rey final on penalty kicks and finished ninth in the league.

Gattuso has a two-year contract that runs through 2024. He will be in charge of getting the club back into the running for the Champions League after it finished no higher than ninth for three straight seasons. Gattuso’s only trophy as a manager was the Coppa Italia, which Napoli won in 2019–20.

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