What are the new Ballon d’Or modifications for 2021/22?

As in 2021-2022, the Ballon d’Or, France Football’s prestigious prize for the best male and female player, will be based on the conventional European soccer season rather than the calendar year, according to one of the major modifications announced on Friday by the magazine.

According to the new rules unveiled by France Football in its edition published on Saturday, the trophy, which has been awarded at the end of the calendar year since its birth in 1956, will now be aligned with the European football season, which runs from August to July, and will feature a tighter jury, a more refined pre-selection process, and clearer award criteria.

“It’s an opportunity to give impetus”. We used to judge throughout the course of two half-seasons. It would be simpler to comprehend “During a presentation in Boulogne-Billancourt on Friday, Pascal Ferré, editor-in-chief of France Football, remarked (Hauts-de-Seine).

The trophy will be presented again in September or October 2022, in the style of a grand event that has become a fixture in the international football landscape. It will cover the previous year’s season, as well as the men’s Champions League (final on May 28) and the women’s Euros (6-31 July).

What can we expect from the Ballon d’Or this year?

  1. A more constant schedule:

Because the award was created to honor the best player of the year, no changes have been made at this level since its inception. Because the magazine honors the best from January to December, it is necessary to analyze and reckon on two half-seasons – January-July and August-December (often accompanied by off-season club moves) – rather than a single season in its totality and continuity.

2. Better nomination lists:

Because the Ballon d’Or begins with the famous candidate lists (thirty for men, twenty for women, and ten for the Yachine and Kopa Trophies), it was determined to strengthen this crucial phase. We acted to reform the procedure, which until then largely entailed the writing of France Football, in order to provide a selection of suitors that was as fair, inarguable, and relevant as possible. The names of trophy ambassador Didier Drogba (for the men’s D’or and the Yachine and Kopa Trophies) and the voter who showed himself to be the most perceptive in the previous edition will now be added to the lists of FF (and L’Équipe) journalists.

Didier Drogba Ballon D;or
Didier Drogba

3. A more strict voting system:

The Ballon d’Or has grown from sixteen European jurors in 1956 to one hundred and seventy jurors dispersed throughout the globe in 2021, demonstrating its astounding and unmistakable universality. This is one of the factors that adds to its power and renown. Is the verdict, on the other hand, 10 times finer and better with ten times the number of jurors? Couldn’t the jury’s arrogance end up weakening it? The openness to “little” nations (those without a large natural football culture or historical legitimacy, and not always easy access to pictures of the major tournaments) did not risk parasitizing the ballot from time to time, due to a lack of basic knowledge or expertise?

4. Clearer regulations:

Because the rules haven’t changed much since their creation, and the criteria are regularly contested, we believed it was time to update the hierarchy of the vote’s constituent aspects for more consistency and clarity. Also, any misunderstandings should be avoided. The Ballon d’Or is a prize given to a single person. Also, obviously, criteria number one would place a premium on individual accomplishment as well as the contestants’ decisive and outstanding personalities.

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