What to know about Barcelona’s deal with Spotify

Spotify has signed a contract with Barcelona, which will make them the club’s new “primary partner” and grant them name rights to the Camp Nou stadium.

Daniel Ek, the company’s CEO, had previously indicated an interest in purchasing Arsenal from Stan Kroenke, with his first offer coming just over a year ago, following the Super League issue. However, that merger appears to be on hold, with the music giants instead investing heavily in Barcelona.

Barcelona’s saviour

The Catalan club has experienced well-publicized financial problems in recent years, with overspending on player wages leading to the free transfer of Lionel Messi, despite several other prominent players taking salary cuts. It’s no surprise that they’ve signed a deal with Spotify for a large cash inflow.

Barcelona claims that the agreement would “bring music and football together like never before,” and that it will “provide athletes and musicians a worldwide stage at the Spotify Camp Nou Stadium, and establish new chances to link artists and players with fans around the world.” Spotify’s emblem will be placed on the uniforms of both the men’s and women’s teams as part of the arrangement, which also includes naming rights for the stadium.

Barca’s board of directors has accepted and signed the deal, which will be ratified by club members on April 3 via electronic voting.

Barca has yet to reveal figures, however, Mundo Deportivo believes the deal will last five seasons and pay them €65 million ($71.1 million) every season, whilst Sport earlier stated that Spotify will pay the club €225 million ($246 million) over three years at €75 million ($82 million) per year.

But, even before the start of the 2021-22 season, Ek seemed certain that he could seal a contract with the Gunners. Thierry Henry and Ek were in the audience at the Emirates alongside as Mikel Arteta’s team defeated Tottenham 3-1.

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